"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

                                                            Ecclisiastes 1:9;NIV

Appendix A: Timeline Considerations



  • Unknown activity in the 9+ billion years until the creation of Earth.



  • At some unknown time later, Lucifer turns into Satan, masquerading as God in the eyes of all the angels (Rev. 12:9).


  • Satan rebelliously sends one-third of the angels from Heaven to the physical world below (Rev. 12:3-4).


  • The Devil then tries to invent its own version of man from genetic material created by God on Earth.


  • Part(s) of Earth ruined by Satan's work of making Mars its main headquarters in the physical world below.


  • This is the pre-Adamic world when ape/man-like creatures existed before God made the first real man, Adam.


  • Due to numerous misunderstandings and wrong teachings over the years, the common Bible student has generally overlooked the pre-Adamic world's history and existence. Couple that with advances in science and a fossil record that says the Earth cannot possibly be only 6,000 years old, and we have the most widely heard creationists making all creationists sound like idiots in the eyes of the world. This major error in properly discerning the Scriptures has helped the world grab a hold of theory called Evolution. Evidence from science proving that man-like creatures became more complex and sophisticated over a lengthy amount of time is exactly what one should expect to find once the Scriptures are rightly divided and understood concerning the pre-Adamic world. This is not evidence of evolution, but of progressive and graduated experimentation over a long period of time; i.e. 'the work of the Devil'.


  • About 70 years before God refashions Earth at Gen. 1:2ff, Satan is kicked out of Heaven (Lu. 10:18) and forced back to an earth that is desolate with dark, flood waters.


  • The Devil is then forced into a watery prison in a pit somewhere on Earth with one-third of the angels (Ezek. 26:19).


  • After 70 years Satan is released from prison (Isa. 23:17) as God begins to refashion Earth in preparation for the first man, Adam. The "gap theory" or "gap creationism" teaching helps to explain a vast amout of time in between the first two verses of the Bible, nullifying the position of those creationists who disregard science in their thinking that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old. The correct teaching is that God did not originally create Earth in a state of darkness and desolation as it's later described to be at Gen. 1:2. What caused our world to become ruined from an initially perfect creation long before Aadam (Deut. 32:4, Isa. 45:18), were the sins of Satan and others long before man was created.


  • About 6,000 years ago God remakes a desolate Earth into a livable habitation for man, but still far different from our world today. On the 2nd of the six days in God's refashioning work, the water that had covered Earth for 70 years after Satan's flood was separated. One part of the water represents the seas/oceans (Gen. 1:10). The other part of the water was placed as a firmament in the sky (Gen. 1:6-8), likely in the form of ice clouds, creating a semi-terrarium type of effect on Earth; a.k.a. 'the canopy theory.' For, "the Lord God had caused it not to rain upon the earth...but there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground" (Gen. 2:5b-6), meaning it had never rained on Earth until Noah's flood occurred. This is supportd by the fact that up until then, Scripture always refers to the sun and the moon as 'the greater light'= daytime, and 'the lesser light' = nighttime; only after Noah's flood are they called the sun and moon. Noah would have been ridiculed as much for saying it was going to rain for the very first time, as he was for saying that first-ever rain was going to drown everyone on the planet not in his ark. Hence, the rainbow that Noah saw (Gen. 19:12-14) was the very first one he could have ever seen since it had never rained on the Earth before, and the sun had never shined through the rain clouds in the same way.


  • On the 6th day of God's refashioning work on Earth, the first man ever, Adam, was created from the dust of the ground, in God's image.


  • At some point afterward Satan is released from prison; as with other of the imprisoned spirits. By the time of Noah's flood, nearly all of the spirits in prison had realigned themselves under Satan's authority as the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4), marking them as demonic, and worthy of 'the second death'; i.e. permanent death (2Pet. 2:17-20; Jude 12-13).


  • About 120 years before the flood, God commands Noah to build the ark. The world had become corrupted through many sins, however the worst of these was when the fallen angels took wives from the daughters of men (Gen. 6:1-7); c.f. E.W. Bullinger's, The Companion Bible; Appendix 23, Appendix 24, Appendix 25, & Appendix 26. Mankind lusted after the supernatural offspring produced by these illicit unions, and willingly crawled into bed with the fallen angels.


  • That member of God's family we now of as pre-incarnate Jesus Christ preached encouragement to the spirits in prison to remain steadfast until He returns as conquering King (IPet. 3:18-19). The remaining spirits in prison were small in number, not unlike the number who survived in the ark above when the floods came. Our sense is that when flood waters began to roar there were very likely only eight spirits remaining in prison, while at the same time eight faithful humans survived above in Noah's ark.


  • Except for Noah and his immediate family, all of mankind perished in the flood. The same fate would have befallen all of the varying mutant man-like beasts of Satan's lab work. These mutants all died without a chance of being resurrected (Is. 26: 5, 14).


  • The fallen angels also drowned, however, in theory, only their physical bodies would have ceased to exist since their original essence was from a spiritual plane. They were spirit beings living in a physical world, yet when their bodies drowned in the flood, only their spiritual essence would have survived. After the flood, these fallen angels became wandering spirits in search of bodies to inhabit, and they are still interested in finding bodies to inhabit today. It's very likely, with Satan's help alongside man's advancements in genetics, that these two parties will crawl into bed together again, but this time on a scale never attained before.


  • At least one of the remaining fallen angels departs prison sometime before Abraham & Lot arrive in Canaan, providing the opportunity for mutants (giants) to be born again through copulation with human women as prophesied at Gen. 6:4; c.f. The Companion Bible, Appendix 25.


  • A remnant of the mutant/giants survived the destruction of the cities near Sodom, which later proved to be a problem for David. In time these would have all died off except for some of their surviving progeny.


  • The work of the Devil in creating 'beast' powers here at the end will follow similar patterns of genetic work that opposed God's plan all along (Dan. 2:40-44). With humans and demons working together, it's a certain recipe for helping wandering spirits find ideal bodies to infest, as they feed their physical appetites (2Pet. 2:10-22; Jude 6-8, 12-13).


  • Jesus said there would again be abominable unions between spirit beings and humans at the end of this age, right before His return (Luke 17:26-30). His remarks clearly state that these end-time genetic sins will be similar to those that brought about Noah's flood, and which also caused the destruction of Sodom in Lot's day. Somehow, we suspect there will be a special genetic twist this time that will be far more sinister than ever before.